Some of the Central Heating work we can do for you:

Upgrade Heating System (open vent & sealed system)
Installation of Combination, Heat Only, System Boilers
Install and Replace Radiators, Valves and Thermostatic Radiator Valves
Boilers and Systems Fault Finding and Diagnosis
Repair and Replace Pumps, Motorised Valves and other components
Fit scale reducers & magnetic filters
Power Flush
Concealed hot & cold Water leak detection using our thermal imaging camera

Our Engineers design, install full Central Heating and upgrade existing systems including controls to improve the overall performance of the system. We can install Combination, Conventional or System Boilers that provide all your Central Heating and Hot Water needs on demand.

New radiators can be installed or we can replace existing ones with new high efficiency radiators. Thermostatic radiator valves should be fitted to existing radiators to improve overall efficiency while also eliminating hot and cold spots in the heating system, giving greater temperature control and balance.

Open Vent & Sealed Systems

An open vent system is one that has a feed and expansion tank (F&E tank) usually in the loft which fills the entire heating system. The F&E tank keeps the system topped up with water, on a long-term basis it replaces any loss of water from evaporation or minor leaks.

Sealed (pressurised) System is where there is no (F&E tank) and the water is fed directly from mains supply.


A Combination Boiler (Combi Boiler) is both a water heater and a central heating boiler, combined within one unit and fed from the mains water supply. Therefore, there is no need for any tanks or cylinder. Quick response central heating and instant hot water means they work particularly well if you live in a small house or flat.

A heat only boiler is also known as a conventional or regular boiler. It is part of an open vent system and has two water tanks, a cold water storage tank and feed & expansion tank, usually located in the loft.

System boilers are part of a sealed system, fed directly from the mains water supply eliminating the need for an F&E tank.

Magnetic Filters & Scale Reducers

Magnetic filter is a device which is traditionally fitted near the boiler. Its function is to attract sludge and magnetite from your central heating system, making it cleaner, ensuring efficiency and prolonging the life of your system.

Scale Reducers are a product which reduces the effects of lime scale coming from the mains water before it enters your system.

Power Flush

We carry out Power Flushing of heating systems to clear build up of sludge caused by magnetite and calcium deposits, power flush helps to restore the efficiency of radiators, boilers and the system as a whole. We also fit Magnetic filter to system, magnet attracts and collects particles of magnetite while filter traps larger non magnetic particles, so together help prevent build up of magnetite, further aided by corrosion inhibitor which is added to system water to protect the system against corrosion.