What are the benefits?

Wall space free from radiators
Energy saving benefits
Heats up wider area
Low Maintenance

Work we can do for you

Upgrade Heating System from radiators to Under Floor Heating
Install Combination, Heat Only or System Boilers in conjunction with your UFH
UFH Systems Fault Finding and Diagnosis
Repair or Replace Pumps, Motorised Valves and Actuators
Install magnatite filters and scale reducers
Inspect and detect blockage or leak in your UFH system using our thermal imaging camera
Power Flush and clear your UFH loops of any potential blockage

Your Heating, Your Design

Be a part of the design and plan of your underfloor heating where we can install a new system for you, or upgrade an existing system including remote access controls to give you full control where ever you are. We can install Combination, Conventional or System Boilers depending on system requirements for Hot Water demand. Radiator circuits can be added or removed to improve overall efficiency of  heating system.

You can have your system designed to work to your requirements, with each room having its own heating circuit you can control individual rooms by setting your programmable room thermostat. Create your own atmosphere in every section of your home with the touch of a button.

With internet access more widely available and mobile software applications for all aspects of life, why not control your Heating System from your mobile phone or portable device. Running late from work, or maybe you are early. Arrive home to a warm cosy environment with full control of your heating in the palm of your hand, anywhere, anytime.

Power Flush is underrated and widely NOT understood

We carry out Power Flushing on new installations and on older heating & hot water systems to clear build up of sludge caused by magnetite and calcium deposits, power flush helps to restore the efficiency of UFH, radiators, boilers and heating systems as a whole.